Farrell Brickhouse

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  • July 9, 2015

November 7 – December 7, 2014
And in our project room: James Prez

Farrell Brickhouse, Diver, 15 5-8” x 12 5-8” (framed), oil on canvas, 2012

Life On Mars Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition featuring the paintings of Farrell Brickhouse. Our opening reception will be Friday, November 7th and the exhibition will run through December 7th. We have created a 19-plate color catalogue with an essay by noted art historian Robert C. Morgan to accompany this exhibition. Click HERE to see the digital version

Brickhouse illuminates the subconscious via his exquisite intimacy of process, combined with use of metaphor and historical myth, a process honed over more than a thirty-five year commitment to painting. His works reveal a desperate authenticity of purpose, and blend an intimacy of scale with the grandness of mythology which he infuses with personal stories of a life of pain and redemption. The tension created by this mix engenders a powerful and deeply moving experience: he is a “painter’s painter”.

Brickhouse has been a beloved teacher at New York’s School of Visual Arts for more than thirty years, and his work can be found in numerous public and private collections; including The Wadsworth Museum, The San Diego Museum of Art and the California Center for Arts. He most recently has had one-person exhibitions at Fred Giampetro Gallery in New Haven and John Davis Gallery in Hudson, NY, and he has a long and storied exhibition history, exhibiting with Max Protech Gallery and Pamela Auchincloss Gallery for more than two decades.

During the Brickhouse exhibition at Life on Mars Gallery, we are also pleased to be presenting the work of artist James Prez in our Project Room. Prez combines found and repurposed materials, making use of a brilliant and highly trained sense of design. His works seek to transform our expectations through playfulness – a sense of humor coupled with a delicate modesty. They reflect the best of the “outsider” tradition, illuminated by a honed knowledge of contemporary practice, bringing to mind a hybrid of Bill Traylor and Richard Tuttle.

We will be exhibiting his bottle drawings, works on paper and repurposed books.

Press contact: Dana James – Dana@lifeonmarsgallery.com